Our Process…

We employ a world-class planning and investment process tailored specifically for you. Our process is meant to build a comprehensive plan to guide us and you throughout your financial journey.

Step One: Assess your situation

We begin by simply listening…listening to your goals, needs, fears, etc. What moves you? What scares you? Where are you currently and where do you want to be?

Step Two: Assess your risk

Next, we help to understand your tolerance, need and capacity for risk. We balance those three, often competing, characteristics to arrive at a reasonable investment mix for your situation.

Step Three: Educate

Once we have decided on a sound investment strategy, we ensure you understand what we are doing and why. We ensure you are comfortable with our investment methodology and how your specific needs are being addressed with our chosen strategy.

Step Four: Build

We build portfolios using decades of academic research grounded in science. Our portfolios are globally diversified, low-cost and tax-efficient. We may utilize asset location to provide tax diversification, when needed. We acknowledge that outperforming the market by stock selection and timing is extremely difficult, if not impossible, and instead seek to out-performance through exposure to various ‘factors’ that have been shown to increase relative returns. Such factors may include size, value, momentum, quality, low-beta, term and credit.

Step Five: Monitor

After we develop your plan and implement your investment strategy, we will continually monitor your portfolio to ensure your allocation remains within the target range. Through periodic meetings and check-in’s we will monitor your portfolio in relation to your overall financial plan to ensure we adjust as your life evolves.