We Believe…

Better Information Creates Better Outcomes

We believe that the more information you have, the better positioned you are to make the best decisions. We strive to understand your entire financial picture and incorporate all your financial and non-financial information into one comprehensive plan.

Markets are Efficient

We believe that markets are extremely efficient and that it is nearly impossible to time, or “outsmart” the market. It can take years to determine if a manager is smart…or simply lucky.

In a Scientific Approach

We believe in an investment methodology that is academically sound and grounded in science. We build our portfolios using decades of research to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns possible. We follow a disciplined, rules-based approach to target characteristics, or “factors,” that have been shown to be reliable predictors of superior, risk-adjusted returns.  Such factors include value, size, quality, low-beta, term and credit.

Taxes Matter

As CPA’s, we understand that any investment plan must include a comprehensive tax management strategy. To achieve superior after-tax returns, we coordinate our client’s investments with their overall tax situation.

Costs Matter

Investment costs can have a profound effect on a portfolio, and the client often has no idea what they are actually paying. We ensure our portfolios are achieving their stated goals at the lowest possible cost.