Passionately driven to help you reach financial independence.

Gone are the days of working until 65, receiving your pension and riding off into the sunset. In the modern economy, workers are responsible for their own retirement. They have to wade through the complex web of tax laws, retirement rules and the near infinite information available to arrive at a retirement strategy that best suites them…and they have to do it alone. As a result, most workers throw up their hands and tell themselves they’ll just work hard, save where they can, and worry about retirement later.

A better way…

What if you had someone on your side from the start? Someone who could help you work backwards and decide what things in life are most important to you and develop a strategy to achieve them? At Thomas Financial Advisors we exist to help you reach financial independence, whatever that may look like for you. Lets drive this road to freedom together.

Our Mission

To Guide Our Clients to Lives of Financial Independence

At its core, Financial Independence means freedom. Freedom from having to trade your time for money. Freedom from the anxiety and stress of not knowing how much you’ll need to live. Freedom to move into the next season of your life confidently, whatever your age. Freedom to spend your time and resources on what matter most.

Our Commitment

To Act as Your Fiduciary…and Put You First

We put our client’s needs first, period. We hold ourselves to the Fiduciary Standard, meaning that we put our client’s needs above our own. We charge a flat fee based on the percentage of household assets under management, which ensures that our advice is not conflicted. Further, we invest a substantial amount of our own wealth in the very strategies we advise. Operating in this manner is not the easiest way, but it’s the best way.