Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation approach is built on the Modern Portfolio Theory with current research continually updated by the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.  Given that a portfolio’s returns depend primarily on the asset allocation employed, we focus mainly on the overall portfolio construction while keeping an eye on overall macroeconomic trends.

Tax Management

Tax implications play a vital role in all investment decisions.  As tax CPA professionals we strive to structure our client portfolios to balance the impact of taxes and help our clients navigate our country’s complex tax code.  Whether or not we do the actual tax reporting for our clients, we are available as CPA professionals to work with your CPA or provide tax advice as requested.

Low Cost

Investment concepts and strategies don’t have costs, but implementing them do. Many times the investments have hidden fees and costs that the average investor never sees. We analyze all the costs our clients are being charged and use the lowest cost investment vehicles available to maximize after cost returns because a small savings in investment cost can make a huge difference in a portfolio’s long-term investment growth.

Individualized Advice

We build our client’s portfolios with their specific needs in mind.  We don’t slot them into a cookie cutter model, but instead understand their goals, risk tolerance and required income when building and monitoring their portfolios.

Long-Term Outlook

We measure investment success over the long-term and our investment approach focuses on building lasting value for our clients. We do not try to achieve short-term profits or market beating results at the cost of excessive risk or investment concentration. Our goal is to achieve results representative of the market across a broad range of asset classes while reducing risk through lowing volatility and broadening diversification where possible. In this way we can help the client achieve after tax results that are generally improved over the results they would receive on their own.