Who We Are

Thomas Financial Advisors LLC is a local Denver financial advisory firm focusing on creating lasting financial solutions for our clients. We focus on making and saving money for clients through helping them make the best decisions in all their financial matters. We work with clients across the entire financial spectrum of their life, including investment management, tax planning, retirement plans, education plans, life and disability insurance, as well as small business advisory services. It also can be as simple as answering or explaining all those daily financial or tax questions that come up.

In dealing with various clients with a wide range of backgrounds, we realize that everyone has individual needs that must be met with customized solutions.  There is no ‘silver bullet’ that will address all of someone’s current and future financial needs. We independently evaluate options and work with clients to forge the best path based on their circumstances.

How we’re Different

We act as an independent fiduciary for our clients, meaning we place their needs above ours.  Consider the difference:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 9.23.41 PMTraditional advisors are agents paid by their firm (Insurance company, Bank, etc.) for selling financial products.  Traditional advisor relationships tend to be transaction based.  At the end of the day, the broker has a primary duty to the firm to meet sales quotas and must find enough clients to meet those goals.  As a result, too often the Client’s goals become their secondary priority.

An Independent Fiduciary, on the other hand, engages with a client and works to develop an integrated investment strategy based on goals, risk tolerance, income needs, etc.  Once a strategy is in place, the independent fiduciary finds investment options that specifically meet the client’s goals.